June Fest to change its plans for June Fest 2020

At a special meeting on Monday, 30 March, the June Fest Management Committee decided to change its plans for June Fest 2020.

Speaking after the meeting, the Chairperson, Colm Somers, said ‘we had no option but to change our plans for June Fest 2020, given the current Coronavirus crisis’. 

According to Colm, ‘we have spoken informally with several partners and given them a heads-up on what is happening. We will now be formally advising all our partners over the coming days’.

‘This decision, however, does not mean that June Fest is taking the year out.’

June Fest, said Colm, ‘is already looking at ways in which it might facilitate a community celebration once the current crisis has passed. 

While the exact format of such a celebration will depend on when the  restrictions are lifted, we would hope to organise a celebration that might include a family fun day, Yarn Bomb and some musical events – maybe even a parade in conjunction with the St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee.’

Besides, according to Colm, ‘during the current lockdown, June Fest will seek to facilitate a range of web-based activities to connect people through their interests, thus reducing the sense of isolation that many people are currently feeling’.

‘June Fest would like to hear from the Newbridge community about what activities might be of interest to them at this time and about what an end of crisis celebration might involve. 

Suggestions can be forwarded via the June Fest website or the June Fest Facebook page.’

‘The web-based activity will involve a bit of a learning curve so it will not happen overnight.’ 

‘Also, while we would love to hear from the community about what activities would interest them, feasibility is going to be a key consideration’.

June Fest, said Colm, ‘would like to thank its funders, Kildare County Council, and its sponsors (especially the Meehan Family Food Group) and all its partners. Without their support, the June Fest festival would not be possible.’

For further information, please email: newbridgejunefest@gmail.com