National Yarn Bomb Day – May 1st

National Yarn Bomb Day – May 1st 2020

We were overcome with a sense of great sadness when we realised we would not be able to go ahead with the much-loved Yarn Bomb in the Liffey Linear Park this June. However, Annie, Michelle and all the great minds involved with the Kildare Yarn Bombers have come up with an incredible new approach on how we may celebrate this wonderful part of the June Fest from the comfort of our own home. Also, all money raised for this event will be donated to Barnardos. Here is a note from Kildare Yarn Bombers,

“Join us on May 1st for a National Yarn Bomb day!

The idea is that everyone reading this has a go at yarn bombing – whether it be a tree in your garden, a flower pot, your dog, your kids, your parents… is entirely up to you!

Can knit or crochet? That doesn’t matter.

You can use what you have…… a scarf, socks, an old jumper.

Don’t know where to start? Have a look online, there is a whole world of woolly wonders waiting to be discovered.

We have followers all over Ireland so let’s share this and get the imagination of a nation going!

On the 1st May, take a photo or video and we shall post them here and we’ll bring colour and fun to Facebook.”

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