June Fest’s Online Quiz #2

We had a blast last week and can’t wait to do it all again with Quiz #2 this Thursday at 8pm. (23/4/20)

This weeks login code is 173766. For all details on how to enter please see below or check out our event page.

Here’s the leaderboard after week 1 and remember that speed is taken into account when answering, even though some teams have the same points they need to answer faster if they want to rank higher!

Please remember to use the same nickname each week to help us keep the leaderboard updated!

Here is a link to a more detailed leaderboard with the Top 100 – https://bit.ly/2KgMbLd


We have designed an online quiz that can be accessed through your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Come join in the fun this Thursday at 8pm. It’s FREE to play and we’ll have some prizes for the winners!

1. Go to www.myquiz.org
2. Enter login code – 173766
3. Quiz starts at 8.05pm sharp!
4. Questions will be a mixture of multiple-choice, true or false and some picture rounds. 20 seconds per question to stop all the google enthusiasts 😉 How fast you answer is also taken into account!
5. 80 questions altogether. We will take a 2-minute break every 10 questions (this will show up on your screen as being paused). The quizmaster will use the comment box to let you know what’s coming up next.

We aim to host this quiz over the next couple of weeks and if you wish to take part in our ongoing scoreboard, please email us a screenshot of your score at the end with your name, quiz name and location to junefestnewbridgemedia@gmail.com