Membership Application Form

I subscribe to and undertake to further the aims and objectives of June Fest as set out in the JuneFest Constitution and to abide by its Rules, and I attach herewith the appropriate membership fee as determined by JuneFest.


• I understand the personal data on this form (‘Personal Data’) will be used by June Fest for the contractual purpose of registering (or re-registering) and maintaining my Membership.

• I understand that the Personal Data will be retained by June Fest for such a period as my membership subsists.

• I understand that I can resign my Membership by writing to JuneFest and my Personal Data will then be erased.

• I understand that as well as my Personal Data being used for administrative purposes to maintain my Membership, it will be used to facilitate June Fest contacting me regarding its activities

• I understand that if I do not provide my Personal Data my Membership cannot be registered with June Fest.